Hilda Wong is a graphic designer based in New York, U.S.

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Axis Mundi; 2018
Identity for an experimental installation project. 
Development by Ellen Lo. 

Various posters; 2018
Posters exploring the friction in translation. 18x24 in.
Website developed by Ellen Lo.


RECOLLECTION5 & Aftermath; 2018
Digital installation and publication on how human think of their memories.

Interactive pop up exhibition that mimics modern day digital marketing.
A part of DesignAfterSix’s Deskhibition.
(this sexi AR invite is designed by Madelene Wikskar)


Code Switching; 2018
Identity for an exhibition showcasing projects developed around HK Supermarket.
Photography by Evan Feng

Dialogue Between Cashier and Customer; 2018
Investigation of the underlying script and communication between cashier and customers. 8.5x11 in; spiral bound.

Hong Kong Supermarket Playlist; 2018
Exploration of the music playing at HK Supermarket: album art for a playlist I managed to compile by shazamming at the market.

Code Switching; 2018
Publication with writings that sums up the conceptual Investigation around HK Supermarket on bilingualism, translation, and interpretation.

Pinball, 1973; 2018
Book cover design (for a very underrated Murakami novel imo).

Last Updated: Jan 2019